Ambit is Practical Personal Private

Ambit Product



With Ambit, you can video, voice, text, and transfer money from your phone, tablet (Android or iOS), and/or Computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux). Your data stays with you-- not in the cloud somewhere.


If we decentralized these communication records by moving the database storing this information onto all of our mobile devices and home computers, we put an end to the central database that enables convenient censorship and corporate data sharing. Your account's private key, no more remembering passwords, never leaves your device.


As a fully decentralized and quantum resistant encrypted communication that uses hybrid decoy routing, our business model depends on earning income from financial services, to include but not be limited to global money transfers, and added security privacy services embedded in Ambit Chat. It does not come from data sharing, ads, or any other tactics which treat our users as the product.